I Will Honour Christmas In My Heart

I will honour Christmas in my heart,
and try to keep it all the year.
I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future.
The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me.
I will not shut out the lessons that they teach!

~ Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

Monday, December 6, 2010

HOME TOUR 2010 Part Six: The Kitchen and Tree # 12

Welcome to the last room in our downstairs that I want to share with you, The Kitchen.

Our Kitchen is small and requires us to eat in our Dining Room.
I have been " redoing" the Kitchen now for the past 5 years with a new border and paint. As you can see, maybe it will happen next year because I certainly have not had the time to " redo" the kitchen this year!

The current wall paper border with it's hunter green background and red apples really makes it easy to decorate for Christmas !!
The new one ( if I ever get to put it up ) has a red background with yellow roses and green leaves.

This is one wall in my Kitchen.......

I know..... it is a lot to take in all at once so let's go to tree # 12!

I have a small 3 foot pathway tree stuck into my yellow milk can on one side of my hutch and desk.

Candy cane ribbon was used for the bow and a bird's nest is also including in adorning the top of this tree....

This only shows you that you can stick a tree anywhere! LOL!
Of course, it is decorated with gingerbread men and candy cane and peppermint candy ornaments.

There are 2 different sets of peppermint candy lights ( one frosted and one not) and a set of lights whose bulbs are half red and the other half is white!

Also a kitchen Santa or two and some kitchen ornaments....

Well, that is my Kitchen tree. Now on to the rest of the Kitchen!

Back to that wall...

The top of the hutch was a hutch to a bedroom set that I bought for $5.00 .
It took me only 2 weeks to find a desk that the hutch would fit on at a yard sale for $10.00 and the desk was already sanded down!

I painted both and matched them up and this is what was born .......

Normally, there is all vintage red and green Kitchen items on the shelves but I add some Christmas items here and there.....

On top is my Kitchen Santa and a Kitchen Angel with candy canes and peppermint candies on her gown. She was a gift from a friend.....

I added a snowman tea pot to the next shelf.....

A very Christmas looking candy jar to the next shelf.....

And did a little candy bar on the desk top by using candy filled jars, a light up house that is decorated with candy canes, another Kitchen Santa and a tin sign that says " Santa's Sweet Shop ".

Moving over to the doorway to the Den which was originally my back door......

Love this calendar.....

A Shelf on top of the doorway with candy like garland.....

Towels on the side of the stove.....

Vintage Santa tins on top of the stove.....

A Pillsbury Dough Boy potholder....

This is what once was the Kitchen window....
Can I tell you how long it took me to get this thing up and decorated.... I don't want to talk about it.....

Candy glass garland and candy strips hanging amongst icicle lights.....

My Christmas Lady Head planter was a gift from a friend!!

In the corner of my counter.......

Love this sign......

But this is my favorite one.....also a gift from a friend!

Gingerbread men and a vintage reindeer on top of the refrigerator....

Doorway into the Dining Room.....

The counter Bar......
Curtains over a pass through into the Dining Room.....

If you enlarge this pic and look close, you will see the little Kitchen ornaments hanging on the garland!

A vintage boot planter and Kitchen Santa salt and pepper shakers....

And that concludes my tour of the Kitchen.....

Next I will be recapping the upstairs and showing you two small trees in the Guest and Master bedroom that I haven't showed you yet. This will bring the total to 14 trees!!

I want to THANK everyone for your kind comments!!

As part of my progressive tour, please Click HERE to see my upstairs and three bedrooms!

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  1. Debbie,
    You don't miss any thing. I really love how you've done the desk and all your Christmasy touches everywhere. It's like Winter Wonderland!

  2. Wow, it is alot to take in. But oh so beautiful.
    What a great "marriage" beween the hutch top and dresser.

  3. Wow! So festive. You do celebrate Christmas!

  4. I'd love to come over and just see all the eye candy in person. You must have a tremendous amount of energy to get it all done! Could you send some my way!? Thanks for sharing. ♥♫

  5. Hi Debbie!

    Wow! Everything looks so festive! I adore that tree in the milk can. So cute!

  6. Pure delight this is Debbie! Where do you store all your beautiful things after the holiday. You sure have a lot of treasures.

  7. Oh Debbie.. There is a wee bit of bah-humbugging out there in Blogland, unfortunately.. a little by myself even, I'm ashamed to say.. But to come to your house to see all your beautiful decorations boosts my Christmas spirit right back up again! I was working on my own kitchen quite a bit today. It's coming along gradually... VERY gradually, but every little bit is so much fun just the same!

  8. What a totally fun room! Are you Mrs. Claus, or what? I especially like your snowman teapot -- so, so cute. With all the work we each seem to put into Christmas decorating, wouldn't it be nice if it were a 2-month long season? I could go for that!

  9. Thanx for stopping by earlier DEbbie! I just love your holiday spirit!! It all looks so fantastic!

  10. Debbie, your home is wonderful! Christmas would be so much fun in your home! I just love all the trees...thanks for sharing your Christmas winter wonderland.

  11. Oh Debbie!! I. Love. It!! What an amazing, festive, happy, fun kitchen you have created!!
    I like the peppermint lights on your little tree and the red and white polka dot tea pot and so much more!!

    Also, love your blog design and the great music.

    I guess it goes unsaid with you, but I do hope your having a wonderful December!!
    The Tattered Tassel

  12. Debbie, your kitchen is outstanding! You've done a fabulous job decorating - you must be so proud of the work you've done, with your kitchen and with the Christmas dec's!

  13. Wow, unreal. Everything is totally gorgeous. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  14. WOW! Your home is loaded with Christmas! It's fantastic! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your gingerbread tree!

  15. Wow! WOW! I just love all your stuff! What a a festive home!

  16. Oh Debbie, You're a girl after my own heart. Love the kitchen.

  17. Thanks for sharing your wonderful decorating ....it is just awesome...love everything about it...but,that red polka dot tea pot really jump out at me....I love red and white polka dots...Merry Christmas,Shelley

  18. I know I sound like a broken record, but I love it all! The top of your refrigerator just makes me go aaahhhh! Gives one a warm feeling. You made me smile with your comment on your kitchen window decor~~don't want to talk about it~~It looks great! You take such wonderfully detailed pictures that it truly does feel as if I am walking thru your home. Now if I could just touch~~Thank you so much for all the time it has to take for you to take all these pictures and post them for us. I am truly delighted when I see a new post from Debbie! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your beautifully decorated home.

  19. Just loving it...I'll have to come back for more. I'm a little late for work! LOL!!

  20. Amazing! I would be impossible not to have the Christmas spirit in your house :-)

  21. Such a fun post! Your home is just perfect for all your holiday decorating. I have such a smile after looking at every little wonderful detail! Thank you for sharing on Rednesday! Elizabeth

  22. So cute! Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  23. Hi Debbie, I was visiting you for Pink Saturday and saw the link to your Christmas Kitchen, Loving kitchens the way I do I had to take the tour. What a fabulous kitchen you have, I love every little nook and cranny in it. Your decorating is great. What a cute idea for that dresser desk top. How clever.
    Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  24. Your kitchen is so festively fun!!! this would have taken me weeks to put up all of your decorations. I have been looking for gingerbread ornaments just like the ones you have on your Christmas tree! You "AMAZE ME"! Thank you for linking up to the Monday blog party!!

  25. I have to say that I love how you have the old photos of your childhood trees in the sidebar! That's so fun. Thanks for sharing your love of Christmas with us! :-)

  26. WoW! You are over the top in your Christmas Decorating! This is so magical. It looks like one of the places that does nothing but Christmas. I love it!



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