I Will Honour Christmas In My Heart

I will honour Christmas in my heart,
and try to keep it all the year.
I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future.
The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me.
I will not shut out the lessons that they teach!

~ Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

About Me

I am an R.N. by profession and have worked 32 years on night shift in a hospital based Physical Medicine( REHAB) unit. I recently went Part Time due to health issues.

I am married to Joe, who recently retired as a Letter Carrier for the United States Post Office, for 38 years!!!  We have 2 sons who are out on their own but live right down the road so we are finally empty nesters and we LOVE it!!  I am nobody's Grandmother and I am okay with that!!

We live in North Eastern Pa. in the Pocono Mountain region.

I was raised by 2 full time working parents, both ancestors of Polish immigrants. My Husband also was raised by 2 full time working parents with ancestors of Polish and Russian descent . His maternal grand mother never learned to speak a word of English and only spoke Polish as my maternal grand mother also did.

I have worked and made my own money since I was 12 y/o , babysitting for 4 different families! I have , and still am, been the major Bread Winner for most of my married life.

 I LOVE the Victorian Era and have decorated our home in that style.  I have quite a few health issues that prevent me from traveling distances. So I decided to make our little townhouse that we have owned for 34 years into the type of B&B that I would like to stay at while on vacation. I have done this using inherited items, flea market finds, yard sale treasures and Clearance Sale Buys! When I come home in the morning after working all night long, I look at my home and want to drop to my knees and Thank God I am home. My Home makes me and my family happy and after all, isn't that all that counts???

I did have a small craft business where I participated in local craft fairs. I made Victorian Style crafts and elegant floral creations. I also used to sell on Ebay. Recently, I have put my little Craft Business on hold until I retire in a few years.

Another one of my passions is decorating our townhouse for different Holidays, with Christmas being my absolute favorite time of year. I even have my own Christmas blog, A Debbie-Dabble Christmas.
In 2013, I had 19 Christmas trees in our home in various sizes and shapes. If it had lights on or ornaments, I counted it in the 19 trees.

I am also a cancer survivor and reached my 5 year mark in 2011!

 Life is too short and "It is never to late to be what you might have been".

My blog is a reflection of what I love in life so I hope you would be so kind to follow me along my journey!



  1. I LOVE your blog! I too am a Christmas lover! I think it's so neat that you have dedicated your blog to all things Christmas!

  2. Hi debbie
    thanks so much for linking up to my favorite find friday. I love Christmas and I think it is great how you find JOY through the year! Thanks for linking up. I shared your one of your posts on my FB page!

    xo, laura@imnotatrophywife.com
    Do you have snow? We are snowless in Denver...

  3. No snow here in Easton, PA, either. BTW, I am a retired RN, loving life.

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by!! I had freinds that lived in Nazareth and I used to enjoy visiting that area!!

  5. Hi Im 84 YEARS OLD and I cant thank u enough for your XMAS BLOG Sincerely JANE GEHRING


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