I Will Honour Christmas In My Heart

I will honour Christmas in my heart,
and try to keep it all the year.
I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future.
The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me.
I will not shut out the lessons that they teach!

~ Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

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  1. I found your page via Pinterest, the photo that was pinned was a display of a snowman in a bathtub, I can't seem to find it on your page- any info on that? I <3 all things Christmas, and snowmen are my favorite!! Thanks and wonderful stuff going here! I'm glad there is someone else out there with a Christmas countdown no where near time!

  2. Hi Debbie. I've got my next post up on how to make the Glitter houses if you'd like to add it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. I was just getting ready to email you and ask if you allow pinning to Pinterest. I see you do, thanks for sharing. LOVE your blog!!!

  4. What a pleasure to find your blog! I love Christmas too, and Christmas trees. I have quite a lot more decorative items than I ever use. I use some slightly different each year. I have two blogs, I am still fairly new at it, but I am learning and my photos are getting better. I will definitely want to keep track of you.

  5. Good to know through his blog you! Supremacy all Christmas trees and ornaments. Should feel like kids in wonderland! I would be happy to go through my blog! Merry Christmas with health and joy!

  6. Hi Debbie,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog...it gave me the chance to discover YOUR fabulous site! I just love Christmas too, year-round! How delightful....

  7. Thank you so much for stopping by, you know it was wonderful to see all your Christmas items and have surely missed them. Hugs...

  8. I'm hoping you can help me with a recipe in The Spirit of Christmas Book 6, page 139. It is for Gingered Fruit Salad. I can find my book.

  9. I actually have the same cookie jar


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