I Will Honour Christmas In My Heart

I will honour Christmas in my heart,
and try to keep it all the year.
I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future.
The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me.
I will not shut out the lessons that they teach!

~ Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Christmas Tree # 1

Please remember a great Christmas Blog Party that will take place on Nov. 1st.,
Christmas Collector's Alley!

Denis Marie over at Christ is the Heart of Christmas wants us all to share our Christmas Collections!
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Many of you know that I decorate my home with 12 Christmas trees! If it has lights or ornaments on it, it counts.

I need to start early because I am doing 2 Craft Fairs in Nov., along with keeping my booth at the shop stocked and working full time!
I LOVE to have the house fully decorated by Thanksgiving so I can sit back then and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

This year, I plan on having the upstairs done by Halloween so I will not have to worry about it.

I started yesterday and tree Number 1 is done!!

This was my Craft Room year last year........
A 6 Foot potted tree.....

At our church Flea market, this 6 foot slim came in and was covered with poinsettias.

I bought it and took all of those poinsettia out to reveal this beauty.
No I didn't add another tree to make it 13!!
I decided to switch some trees around.

It ended up as my new Craft Room Tree!!
The 6 foot potted tree will go in the Guest Room now.

I normally don't use anything but beaded garland on my trees but I liked this fluffy white garland that I bought for 25 cents a pack at a church Flea Market.

It reminded me of snow flakes.....

There are pink and white lights on this tree and this ribbon bow and flowers are the topper...

I like to think of this as my Shabby pink and white tree!

Some of my ornaments....

The little boy skater is from Micheal's this season....

The mitten is from my dear friend, Ginger, at GLITTER AND ROSES
who gifted it to me last year!

A Pink Santa...

A white church......

A seed packet ornament that I won from Marydon over at BLUSHING ROSE

Marydon just had surgery...Please go over and wish her well!!

And this cute little skate ornament was just gifted to me by sweet Lorena at
ISn't it so cute.... THANKS , Lorena!!

Here is tree # 1 lit up in the evening!!

One down, 11 to go!!

I would like to thank Jilly from over at Jilly's Stuff for mentioning my Christmas blog in one of her posts. To read her great post about Christmas, please click HERE
Thanks , Jilly!!

These are ornaments from Micheal's that I bought last year. I figured I could make similar ones from the boxes that you get when you buy jewelry.......

Then I saw this beauty in J.C. Penney's this season!!
I thought..." someone took all the bloggers ideas and manufactured an ornament!"

And so I was inspired to create similar items for my upcoming Craft Fairs!!

Here's what i came up with so far....

My Pink Collection...
Ornaments and plaques..

Victorian Burgundy Ornaments....

A plaque....

Another one out of a larger box...

Red ornaments....

These are some wooden angels that I made...
I can't paint so I got out my Modge Podge........

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Harvest Tea - Christmas Tables

Our church's Annual Harvest Tea was held last week. I hosted 2 tables. For full details and many more photos including those of my 2 tables," Guardian Angels" and "My Country Tis of Thee", please visit Debbie - Dabble by clicking HERE

This table was called"Silent Night, Holy Night"

I love the gold and white!

The hostess's of these tables were Rose Mary and Sandy

This table was "Christmas Wizards"

Cute Christmas plates!

This one was " The Birth of Christ"

Look at those beautiful Christmas dishes!

Annette, Ida and Mary were the hostess's for this table.

I thought I would show you the Christmas themed tables to inspire both you and I.

I am linking up to Deck the Halls Friday

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's Beginning to look a Lot like Christmas!!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

In the stores that is!!

I bought my first ornament of the season in Micheal's the other day!!

It is part of the Velvet and lace collection of ornaments!
I love the name.... Velvet and Lace!!

I love vintage looking skater ornaments, don't you?

There is another style similar to this one so I will be going back for that one too!!
I use my 40% off coupons to but each ornament. Takes it down from $5.99 to $3.60!

I know, I'm cheap!

While I was at Micheal's, I decided to take some photos of the Christmas decorations that they were putting out.

All of the ornament collections are already on display!!

Please click on photos to enlarge to get a better look at all of these beauties!! Then click one more time to enlarge them even more!!

I'll be going back for those Victorian doll heads!!

And they have out a Village display!!

And garlands....

And wreaths and reindeer....

And velvet poinsettias in all colors....

And look at these luscious beauties.....
I am trying to figure out where and how to use those green ones...

More floral....

Houses to paint and a lot of other things to play with....

And they were just creating these displays but I thought they were fantastic!!

Brown , gold and copper.......

Love those cherub like angels!!!

Love that brown and pink angel!!!

The I went to T.J.Maxx....

Look at those darling little mica covered snowmen!!!

And my good friend , Ginger, from Glitter and Roses just bought these pink poinsettia dishes!!

Love those carolers!!

Well, that is my tour of Micheal's and T.J.Maxx near me!!

I will be out taking more photos of more stores in the near future so stay tuned....

I am joining in on the fun at DECK THE HALLS FRIDAY
Please stop by Tinsel and Company to get your Christmas Inspirations!!

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