I Will Honour Christmas In My Heart

I will honour Christmas in my heart,
and try to keep it all the year.
I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future.
The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me.
I will not shut out the lessons that they teach!

~ Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

HOME TOUR 2010 Part Seven: The Upstairs and Trees # 13 and # 14 , A Pittsburgh tree!!

My Home Tour is almost finished and today I would like to show you Trees # 13 and # 14 and to recap the first trees that I showed you way back in October/ November!

I am going to take you upstairs........

This is the garland going up my railing at the top of the stairs.....

The only room that does not have a tree in it is the upstairs bathroom.


I did make a wreath for the door!

Why is the wreath purple and why have I not shown you this bathroom before???

Well, it is the smallest bathroom known to man!
And I haven't shown you it because it is too small to take pictures inside of it!

So here is a glimpse......

It is decorated in deep purple and sage green but as you can see...sink,toilet and tub!
That is it!
Whoever built our townhouses did not plan right because my bedroom is 16' x 20'!!
You think they could have made the bathroom just a wee bit bigger!
Well, it is less to clean!

Moving on to what used to be my son Jim's room which is now my guest room

I have this odd piece of furniture that I took from my MIL's neighbor's house
( they were going to throw it out!!) and sort of turned it into a fake mantle and fireplace!

The small 12 inch tree is Tree# 13!

It is decorated with mini Victorian ornaments from Micheal's a few years ago!

The Skater Girl is mine from my childhood!

These house/churches were from Target last year on Clearance for $5.00!!!

The embroidered scarf on the top was made by my maternal grandmother

Here is the whole room with what was originally posted as Tree # 4

Some of my Debbie-Dabble followers may remember when I decoupaged wrapping paper on these wig heads.......

Well, I added lace and bead collars with cameos!

To recap, this is my Nostalgic tree with ornaments that are special to me like Baby's First Christmas, childhood ones, etc....

It is a 6 foot potted tree.....

Dolls and a Santa at the base...

This lamp was originally in my Den but had to be moved for the tree in that room and I did not want to pack it away so it will live in this room for a bit....

Two ornaments hanging from the shelves along with a Santa and an angel......

My Fake Fireplace!

There are shelves inside those doors and that is where I store all my old magazines that I cherish!

My Teddy Bear Tea Party.....

Jim ( used to be his room) wanted to know if it was the room for the girl I never had.....
Maybe for the grand daughter that I will have ....
some day.....
just maybe.....

And this is the last tree, Tree # 14!!

See, Joe does have his own space in the house!

This is an alcove in the Master Bedroom.

It is his Pittsburgh Shrine!!

This is his Pittsburgh Penguins and Steelers Tree that I did for him!

We have season tickets to the Wilkes Barre Scranton Penguins Hockey games which is the AHL affiliate of the Pittsburgh Penguins........

He was extremely glad when I decided to paint out bedroom gold!!

This is homage to Joe being a Mail Man!!

Also in the Master Bedroom...

This Tree was originally posted as Tree # 2, my vintage tree!

It is the tree from my Childhood...

This is very much like the village under my parent's tree....

Some pieces actually were my parent's....

And once again, to recap, here is the trees in my Craft Room

This small white tree was Tree # 3

Above my Craft table...

And this was the first tree I decorated this year....

Tree # 1!!

My Shabby Pink and White Tree......

Some goodies at the base of the tree....

Joe's Grandmother's Singer Sewing Machine.....

And that is Joe's Christening Gown.... both of my sons also wore it....

Some pretties on the floor...

And that is the tour of my upstairs!!

As part of my progressive Home Tour please click HERE to see the last part, my Victorian Doll House!

If you missed any Parts of my Home Tour, Please click on the pics of each room on my side bar to link to the post featuring that room!!

Once again, THANK YOU EVERYONE for your very gracious comments!

I am so trying to visit everyone and I hope to make more visits so PLEASE be patient with me!

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  1. Oh my goodness girl. That bathroom with the purple...WOW....I have been working on my garland these last few days and thinking about you while doing it..thinking..'oh she will be so proud of me'..LOL...I love the tree in the craft room, the skates by the tree beautiful like that..I love what you have above on the ceiling, that is SO cool.

  2. Love the bobble heads, lol. Great decorations!!

  3. Oh my goodness! And the grand prize for the most Christmas decorating goes to DEBBIE! It's all so charming. I think you said you started in October, but how long do you leave it all up? I'd probably want to leave it all out for at least a year or three. Why don't you go rest now -- your work is done.

  4. Wow! More decorations! Amazing. I love, love the vintage ornaments on your master bedroom tree. Beautiful!

  5. Oh my have you deck the halls oops home! Looks fantastic! I am going very minimal this year. I usually put a good size tree up in every room plus the extras but just don't have the time or energy. Guess I'm getting old! After looking at your pictures I am having 2nd thoughts!

  6. Love that purple color in your bathroom. You are one brave woman to let your husband put all his sports stuff in the bedroom. My dad considers himself lucky that my mom and I finally cleared out a room for his golf and tennis junk....stuff....stuff sounds better doesn't it? ;)

    But Debbie, next time you get in the mood to do all this decorating, please come to my house and do it instead!

  7. Debbie, I loved seeing your upstairs rooms. Your bathroom looks like it is decorated as lovely as the rest of your home. My bathrooms are small also. I love the pink and shabby tree so much, the entire room! So much pretty eye candy and all so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your home with us. I looked at these pics the evening you posted but didn't get to leave a comment. I didn't want you to think I missed a tour. Not going to happen! Hugs!!

  8. Oh my Debbie, your home looks beautiful! You must start very early in the year to get all of this done before Christmas. You're a great decorator!!

  9. OH man, I better get off the internet and get decorating! Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  10. How do you do it? I'm speachless!! I love that you give the man of the house his own holiday space!! Thank you for linking to "Amaze ME Monday" blog party.

  11. Another great tree and decorations! What kind of vitamins are you taking? I want to order a case.

  12. Debbie,
    Thanks again for linking up to my party! However do you do it all? Your home looks beautiful and you know I am crazy about your vintage tree...perfection.

    Best wishes,


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