I Will Honour Christmas In My Heart

I will honour Christmas in my heart,
and try to keep it all the year.
I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future.
The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me.
I will not shut out the lessons that they teach!

~ Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

Saturday, January 24, 2015

WHERE DO I PUT IT ALL and Planning for next Christmas- Happy Rudolph Day!!!!

Happy Rudolph Day!!

What is Rudolph Day you ask....

It is the 25th of each month!!!!

For January's Rudolph Day , I want to show you how I am planning and organizing for next Christmas....

First, I want to thank Laura, over at I'm Not  Trophy Wife, for featuring my post, Christmas Reflections, Traditions and Shopping Before and After Christmas Sales, from her Jan. 15th Friday Favorites party!

Thanks so much, Laura!
Please stop by and visit and link up to this great party!!

I am frequently asked "Where Do I Put I t All?" and "How Do I Pack It All Away?"

Well, I am going to show you..........

Have a seat and grab a cup of Tea...........

These are most of my Living Room Decorations......
 There are also 2 large tubs that contain the Village that is set up under the Living Room Tree on a platform and a huge ornament box which contains everything from the Living Room Tree except for the lights ......

This is the huge ornament box which I have had for over 30 years and I need to replace next year with maybe 2 tubs that are for ornament storage. 
 The ornaments are in 2 tiers under the top section where the beaded garland and bows for the topper are stored......

No, I do not wrap all my ornaments individually because I use these types of ornament storage!!

The tubs for the Village, LR Tree Ornaments and a few tubs of heavy items from the Kitchen and Den go in here......
 This is the closet in my downstairs hallway that we use for our coats.  There is a trap door that leads under the steps where our hot water heater is since we do not have a basement.
I have almost all tubs stored here because when the hot water heater blows and water goes all over, nothing gets ruined........

We store heavier items in here so we do not have to haul them upstairs and then up the attic pull down stairs to the attic.

Now back to the rest of the stuff.....
I have a lot of sets that were bought in Sam's Club many years ago and I have kept the original boxes with the styrofoam so I pack them away right in those boxes......
Tubs are all marked as to where the decorations that they contain go like in the Hutch......
This is one of 3 new  ornament boxes that were bought at Dollar General  for $5 each.
These are perfect for storing ornaments from smaller trees like this one that I had in my Living Room this past  Season.
  And this one in the Kitchen......
 Here is one with the ornaments from the Living Room Small Tree in it.....
Joe also bought 10 of these tubs which were marked down from $10 each down to $4 each in Wegman's....
These are a little bigger than a computer paper box and are easy to handle and not too heavy if you put a lot of ceramic pieces in them.

I used 6 of these to pack away the decorations from the Kitchen replacing some boxes......

4 of these smaller tubs went under the stairs in that storage space because they were heavier and 2 of them and this smaller tub will go upstairs in the attic..........
I label them as to where the decorations in them go.....
 Can you see I wrote Hutch on this one for the Kitchen.....
 I bought a new comforter set for my bedroom in the Summer and saved the heavy plastic zippered bag that it came in for storing a lot of Christmas linens, rugs and pillows in......
 All of this gets hauled up the attic via pull down stairs.......

We have just about all of our attic floored  and the roof trusses look like this.......
 Excuse how it looks until I get everything up there organized better .....

I can stand up there but crouched down a bit.....

The truss system forms sections that look like this.....
 For Christmas decorations, I store everything from one room in each section which are marked......
Here is the Living Room Section......
This massive tub stores all the Living Room Florals......
 Why the bags? I bag arrangements up and label them too as where they are used!!

This tub stays up there and I carry the florals up and down in a laundry basket because this tub is too big to haul up and down all the time.

I have another one of these large tubs for the Kitchen and Dining Room florals.

The one side of the attic has 8 of those sections and the other side, where the stairs are, has 6.

I store decorations for other Holidays in the other sections.

One of my goals for this year is to go through and organize things up the attic because I also have linens, serving items for parties and some garden things stored up there.

Now where do I store the outside decorations and all my larger Trees........

We rent a Storage Shed!!
 It is 5 minutes down the road from our home!!

When my mom died 11 years ago, we had 2 weeks from the date of death to clear out her Senior Citizen Apartment that she had lived in for the last 17 years of her life after my Dad died.

With funeral preparations and everything else, my sister and I paid a moving company to move everything down to her 4 car garage until we were able to go through everything but since I had inherited my mom's bedroom furniture and cedar chest, I rented a storage unit until I could get rid of my current bedroom furniture and re- do my bedroom and then move her furniture into it.

Once we rented the unit, we found it was invaluable for storing things and then moved everything into this larger unit that we pay a little over $80 a month for.

These photos were taken several years ago but this is what the inside looks like....
I store all outside decorations in this shed........

Joe brings them home when I am ready to decorate......
  Also stored in this Shed are my already made crafts for craft fairs and some supplies, all outside garden things and Joe stores his seasonal clothes down here in tubs too along with some furniture not in use.

One of my goals this year, is to go through and organize this shed a bit better than Joe has it done!!

We bag the larger Trees like this, with only the larger set of lights that I wrap around the inside of the Trees along the pole,  when not in use......
And take them down to the storage shed....

One year, Joe stopped at a Burger King Drive Through on his way home with the Trees and could not imagine why the girl behind the window kept looking at him strangely.

I was afraid she would have called the police , saying he had 2 bodies in the car!!!!!
Okay, so that is where and how I store everything!!!!

I hope it answered those who wanted to know!!


Planning for next Christmas.....

Several years ago, I decided to keep a Christmas Planner using the Web Site Organized Christmas

This is a wonderful site that featured posts, recipes, tips and all kinds of pages to print out to help you with keeping organized for Christmas!!

This is my Planner.....
HERE is a link to a post I did on this!

I keep a record of where everything is stored, my Christmas recipes for food and baking, a shopping list of my baking supplies, how much fish I order for Christmas and New Year's Eve dinners.....
  A record of how much I spend on everyone, my Christmas card list and what cards I will be using for the following year because I buy a lot of cards on clearance and right now I have enough cards for the next 4 years!!!

Here is the tub where they are stored......
Along with Christmas Computer Paper, Recipes Cards, Christmas party Invitations, Thank you cards, Etc.

I also write notes to myself and keep them in My Planner .....

Like what new things I bought for next Christmas and where I plan on using them ....
 I have packed new decorations away according to the room where I intend to use them next Season.....

Also notes if I want to move any decorations around or what I want to buy for next season.....
I use the planners that can be run off from the site.....

Here is an example of some of them......

 Planning Pages

Get ready for Christmas with these calendars, planner pages, gift lists and inventory sheets. Create your own Christmas planner to simplify the holidays!

Here are some of the Pages that I use.......
 I organize them in Categories.....
 I have already made some changes for next Season.....

 You may remember these swags in the Living Room......
And this wreath....
I made these many years ago and I freshen them up every so often by changing the bows on them and for next season, I wanted to make bows out of this ribbon......
To match the candle ornaments that I am now using on the Living Room Tree.....
So before these were packed away, I changed the bows......
I also made bows for both the Living Room Trees so they will all coordinate.....

One of my co workers bought this pretty swag for me at 90% off at Family Dollar.....

It was $1.00!!

I added a bow to the top of it and plan on using it by the stairs next season......
Now I also do not put away all the Christmas Decorations at once......

I leave out some and decorate for Winter.......
Click HERE to see my post on my Outside Winter decorations......

I quickly threw together a Winter vignette on top of the TV Entertainment Center using some Christmas decorations.....
Click HERE to read that post.......

I decorated for Winter in the Den this year instead of Christmas as I was running late......
Click HERE to read that post.......

And right now I have FINALLY gotten all the downstairs Christmas decorations packed away so the Living Room and the Dining Room Trees look like this.......
Waiting to be decorated for Valentine's Day!!!!

Why do I decorate for Winter you ask????????

Because I love the glow of the house decorated for Christmas and don't want to lose that warm feeling.....

And We live in NEPA and Winter does look like this.......
 These photos were taken on Saturday, Jan. 24th with 5 inches of snow on the ground at day break during  a snow storm......

I was off that night and did not have to drive in it but another 4 inches or so is predicted for Sunday night into Monday and I will be driving to work in that one because there are no Snow Days off for Hospitals!!

I do LOVE Snow and Winter but I just wish I did not have to drive in it and could admire it from the windows of my home!!

I hope to continue to post here on my Christmas Blog once a month for Rudolph Day but until the next one, please stop by my regular blog, Debbie-Dabble, to see what I am up to.......

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  1. Incredible, Debbie. It's a good thing you've got it all organized - the pure magnitude of all your accumulated decor requires it! I've been sick this week, so the sight of it all overwhelms me a bit, but you've done a great job planning it out for not only now, but for the future too - wow!

  2. You are so organized Debbie ! Hoping some of that rubs off on me :)

  3. Wow Debbie you are a organize lady indeed, I don't think I could have been as organized as you ;-)
    I love how pretty your yard looks with all the fluffy snow we had snow here on Long Island also....

  4. Debbie to be so over the top with your decorating, you are sure organized. I love everything you do Debbie, sometimes I just look and do not comment.....but I do wait for your post.

  5. I didn't know the Rudolph day. You are very organized Debbie!I really love the snow outside your beautiful home

  6. Debbie, I remember reading your past post about your storage strategies.It impressed me greatly and still impresses me today. I am working on getting more organized with storage.I have made it through a couple of closets,thus far, but have much more to go. No resolutions or deadlines, just a bit at the time.

    Drive carefully and be safe as you get out in the snow up there!

  7. Hi Debbie
    I love your idea to store Christmas linens using the bedding bags! I think of you at work everytime we get an order for "OC100's" from your hospital system! Ha! Look for the hemostats and if they say DaySpring- that's my company! laura

  8. Wow you are so organized...I love the way you have your attic by sections...makes it so much easier to decorate room by room! I have all my fall and Christmas stuff separated but I'm not nearly as organized as you! Amazing!
    Miss Bloomers

  9. Hahha.. yes, this post does answer my questions :D And not only that, it also inspires me to be as organized as you are. Thanks!


  10. You're an inspiration! How amazing. Clearly you love what you do. You bless others in sharing this wonderful passion. Thank you, Debbie-Dabble.

  11. I had no idea you were so organized ....no wonder they want you to be in charge of all the fund raisers! You would be amazed at how unorganized I am....it would be your worst nightmare...lol! I am trying to organize the kitchen right now, but my problem is ...it doesn't stay that way long....lol! Hugs......

  12. My goodness Debbie - you are really organized. I love it that you made your new bows before storing for next year. Mercy, you are good! I am going to have to adopt some of your techniques to keep track of everything. As it is the boxes are marked but I don't always know where they are.

    I was using my extra bedroom closets for storage and the smallest bedroom was dedicated to storing my tablescaping stuff. That flew out the window when my brother stayed for two weeks at Christmas and my son was here for Christmas week this year. Everything came out of the guest rooms and much of it was just stuck into my bedroom. The Easter boxes are still in my bedroom (I have a big bedroom). An attic would really be nice to have, as it is I am using my garage and I ended up renting a storage unit too. As each holiday passes I am taking the boxes to the storage unit so we can paint and get the house ready to market in the next year or so.

  13. Wow, Debbie, this post must have taken a long, long time to put together. Thanks so much for sharing your storage system. Our attic is very much like yours only it is not all floored. We badly need to organize, so I am going to show these pictures to my hubby. I think we could easily do something similar!

  14. My goodness you sure are organized! The last few days we've been working on getting my "craft" stuff organized and will be storing much in our attic space. I just can't imagine decorating this much.. but you sure do it good!

  15. I was wondering where you put it all, so thanks for answering the question. I love how organized you are -- something I really need to work on! Stay safe in that weather, especially driving to work! :)

  16. Well, you are a Christmas nut! I can't imagine doing so much decorating for Christmas. Hats off to you! Visiting via Stephanie's Roses of Inspiration party.

  17. You are so organized! But then as much as you do I know that you have to be don't you? I am soooo guilty about NOT putting things back in the boxes they came in. Gotta get better at this. Thanks for showing us how you stash your stash! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  18. Debbie, I have been watching for a new post and was delighted when a your History & Snow post came up, but I can't access it. The screen says that page does not exist. Good to know you are OK and able to post (I was afraid of power losses for your area).

  19. Debbie, I've often wondered where you stored all your decorations and now I know! Also love that notebook..makes such a huge difference in how you can plan and get it all done. Amazing! Your home is always decorated and fun to see!

  20. Now this is what I called organized. WOW is all I can say.

  21. You are incredibly organized!! This is truly amazing. I don't have your energy for sure. Loved the post. Popped over from Katharine's Corner.

  22. I think you have nougat to have a Christmas Tree Store!! I love your organization! I have one specific bin for items I bought "after Christmas" and I keep a list taped to the bin so I don't forget! Now, I MUST ask - did you buy candy corn for next year??? Will it really last?? :-)

  23. Wow Wow Wow you are very organized to say the least. Seems we keep renting more storage units for the overflow at our house between the left over antique business stuff waiting to auction or ebay and the kids college furniture & etc. Hugs,

  24. Aww you are so well organized Debbie, you have so many beautiful things :)

    Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop ...

  25. Wow, this is one amazing storage solution! Love your ornament boxes, I will be on the lookout to get some for myself. Thanks for sharing at What'd You Do This Weekend? :)

  26. You really have it down to a science Debbie! I often get asked that same question. Don't have as much as you, and have enough storage in our home that I don't have to rent a shed, but one must stay organized, right? Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  27. Merry Christmas!

    Even though it's March, merry merry merry!

  28. Amazing. The organization in the attic is genius. I love your kitchen tree.

  29. Oh, how I wish I could be as organized as you. I adore all your decorations and ideas for storage!

  30. I love your blog and your decorations are beautiful! I use OrganizedChristmas's planner also - I was going to update my planner today but I found out that the 2015 pages are not available until the summer. I printed all the non-date-sensitive pages and got those into my planning while watching this month's Rudolph Day movie, The Santa Clause. Do you read the Magical Holiday Home Forums?

  31. Hey I really didn’t know about Rudolph Day! Thanks for sharing the information here. It is great to know that it has been celebrated in every month. I would love to attend next month’s Rudolph Day event at the local party city locations NY!

  32. You are so wonderfully organized! I am very organized with Christmas decorations but at the moment my dish room looks like a BOMB went off in there. Oh Lordy! Have got to get that cleaned up SOON! Thanks for sharing this. I wondered where you lived, I was guessing Philly. I came from there and your setting looks similiar. I am in SOUTH east Pa.:):)

  33. Debbie, when you pack your seasonal things away, I put those desiccates that come in shoes and purses inside. They develop the smell of the plastic tubs also. Many storage rental places have rats, so be sure to put some bait out. Thanks for sharing your storage ideas with us.

  34. I am so glad I found this post! I have wondered how you organized everything and I am impressed. Would you like to come organize me? I've used the printables from Organized Christmas too - so helpful.


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