I Will Honour Christmas In My Heart

I will honour Christmas in my heart,
and try to keep it all the year.
I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future.
The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me.
I will not shut out the lessons that they teach!

~ Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol



Christmas is my favorite Holiday and my favorite time of year!

I go all out decorating our small townhouse for all Holidays but especially Christmas!

Every room in our home has a different Christmas Theme and Color Scheme!!

I prove that you do not have to live in a large home to have several Trees, over 20 in all shapes and sizes!!

The majority of my Christmas decorations are placed in the same spot every year and I know that this is not what most Decorator's care for but it is like seeing old friends again when I decorate each year for Christmas.......

I do try to add a few new things and change up things a bit but for the most part, these decorations are part of my Christmas traditions and I will not change them until I can no longer decorate like I do......

This blog is dedicated to All Things Christmas!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

5 Valentine Trees and 2 Winter Trees!!

Remember shortly after Christmas, I told you not to take down your trees????

Well, I did put away some of my 17 Christmas trees but I still have 8 trees up in the house.

I have 5 trees decorated for Valentine's Day and 2 trees decorated for Winter!!

I am currently changing my Craft Room tree into my Tea Cup and Rose tree that will stay up all year.

And here are the trees that are still in my home...

1st Valentine Day Tree

I left up my 7 foot Living tree and redecorated it using red and gold Valentine Day ornaments.....

2nd Valentine Day Tree

This is one of 2 trees that I have in my Dining Room...

I left up my 7 foot slim tree and redecorated it with mostly pink and white Valentine's Day ornaments.....

3rd Valentine Day Tree

This tree is also in the Dining Room.

It is a feather tree decorated with pink, gold and silver hearts....

4th Valentine Tree in the Den

I left up the 4 foot tree in the Den and changed it also into a Valentine Tree.....

It is decorated with heart ornaments in shades of ivory, burgundy and blue.....

Snow Buddy and 5 th Valentine Tree in Powder Room

I left this tree up after Christmas, removed any Christmas ornaments and added red heart ornaments....

I did add a battery operated set of Blue LED lights....

Birdhouse Winter Tree in the Kitchen

On this alpine tree, I used birds and bird house ornaments and then stuffed Buffalo snow into the tree.......

Winter Tree #1....

Winter Tree #2 in Den

This is my 2nd Winter Tree.

It is decorated with just crocheted snow flakes and clear icicle ornaments with a bird on top.

Snow and Ice Tree....

These trees will stay up until the end of February as it is Heart month.....

To see more of my Valentine Day and Winter decorations, Please visit my regular blog,
Debbie-Dabble !

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  1. So many gorgeous trees. I'm always in awe of all your lovely decorations. Your white feather tree is definitely a favorite now too.

  2. lol... oh my! So many trees! You must have a large house to hold all those ornaments and trees! wow!!! Everything looks lovely :-)

  3. Debbie, I love how you celebrate the holidays. You have such a zest for life and impeccable decorating taste. These are just beautiful trees!

  4. I am in awe! Pure opulance and eye candy! Each and everyone is decorated flawlessly. I especially like the pink heart and rose lights on the pink and white dining room tree.
    Ah, they are all so beautiful!

  5. I love the winter tree with the bird houses, especially all lit up. It is so adorable! And Valentines tree number 4 has to be my fav, so it is so elegantly done up! Thanks for sharing. Pining and tweeting.

  6. You live in a forest of prettiness! Thanks again for linking. laurie

  7. All your trees are always so lovely Debbie. It must be nice having all these pretty decorations around you, but I feel for you having to take the Valentine trees down in a little while. Still, the pretty trees are probably worth the work for you. Thanks for sharing all your goodies at my party each week!

  8. Very pretty Debbie! I really like the winter trees, they are very calming and just glow! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  9. Stunning! I'm always amazed by your creativity!

  10. Girl, you are way over the top in decorating! I too believe that Christmas trees are not only meant for Christmas, but you win the prize for so many beautifully decorated trees.

  11. Hi Debbie...
    Thanks for stopping by 21 Rosemary Lane and leaving such a lovely comment! And I love the idea of the Valentine's Tree...super cute!I have a friend who use to leave her tree up until St. Partick's day and decorate it will all clovers and other green anytings she had around!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. HPS!

    Love the pink tree! You have so many!


  13. I am so bad. I never even have one tree and here you have a house full for any occasion. Blows my mind.

  14. You inspired me to get a Valentine tree.
    I posted pictures last Sat. If you didn't come by please do.
    Your decorations are wonderful.

  15. I love this idea! Visiting from Warm Heart Bears and The Patchwork Ark for Pink Saturday!

  16. Like I just said on the other post,So pretty.I do love the tiny white tree in your dinning room :)

  17. Oh, I want a feather tree...so pretty. Happy Pink Saturday!

  18. Happy Pink Saturday Debbie Sweetie...
    Oh my gosh, what a tour today. I so enjoyed myself. I love all of your creations but one touched me totally. I love the Winter tree with the birds and the houses and the buffalo snow. OMG be still my little heart. I am going to have to try and create one of those as well. It just reached right out and grabbed my heart. So pretty.

    That little feather tree was gorgeous as well. The simplicity of the hearts is so pretty.

    Your other trees are just breathtaking. I have to tell you I do not know how you do it. I have a hard enough time keeping up with the holidays, but sweetie how do you do it? I am so clapping out loud for you. A beautiful share. A gorgeous home sweet friend.

    Have a glorious weekend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  19. Lovely trees all! Wouldn't my grandkids love them, as well. :) Happy Pink Saturday.

  20. Hey beautiful lady, I mentioned you on today's post..((hugs))

  21. Hi Debbie,
    It looks very festive in your home. I especially like your little feather tree.
    I'm your newest follower, Mary Alice

  22. I love all your beautiful trees. You have a talent for decorating them.


  23. Debbie, you are one AMAZING woman! So glad to call you friend! :)


  24. Your trees are all beautiful, you are one talented lady. I especially like your feather tree with the different coloured hearts - lovely. I may have to try something like that myself!!


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