I Will Honour Christmas In My Heart

I will honour Christmas in my heart,
and try to keep it all the year.
I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future.
The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me.
I will not shut out the lessons that they teach!

~ Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

Monday, November 21, 2011


WELCOME to the HOME TOUR 2011!!

This is the first part of our Progressive Home Tour!

I am linking this up to:

Cowgirl Up! Creative Linky Party- Christmas in July Party

We are looking forward to sharing our Home, decorated for Christmas , with all of you!!

There are 7 Parts to our HOME TOUR.

Each post will feature one room in our home and all the posts are now linked together.

At the end of each post, which features a room in our home, you will be able to click on the link that will take you to the next part of the tour, the next room on the tour, until we have taken you through our entire house!

So we will start with the outside of our home. Remember that we live in a townhouse.

Our Front Door......

I have mentioned in the past that I added the shatterproof balls to this wreath that I made a few years ago.....

This tin pocket, which is to the side of the front door, was bought at the After Christmas Clearance Sale at Target several years ago and I filled it with Christmas greenery....

Below the tin pocket is my childhood sled that I used quite often in the winters here in Pa. while growing up.
I remember that Santa Claus gave it to me one Christmas .

It had been bought it at the local American Auto Store. Who remembers these stores in your town???

I have decorated it with a burlap ribbon bow, old ice skates and greenery and some other wooden ornaments.......

It remains out on the porch all winter and I have decorated with this sled for many years.....

On the side of the sled, is a wooden reindeer filled with silk poinsettias. It was made in Cub Scouts by my oldest son, Joey, who will be turning 30 after Christmas.

Along with the sled, it is one of my most treasured decorations.

All the Penguins are for Joe since we have season tickets to AHL Wilkes Barre Scranton Penguins Hockey . Both penguins were after Christmas Target finds.

The tin stocking was bought quite a few years ago at one of my favorite stores, Country Folks.

To see my tour of Country Folks decorated at Christmas from last year, please click on the pic on my side bar.
I will be visiting there this season and I will again take lots of pics.

This milk can is something that I bought at a yard sale for $5.00 about 15 years ago. I filled it with silk poinsettias and greenery.

This is looking toward the small flower bed under my Living Room window......

I have lighted garland on the railing of the porch....

Did you see my concrete frogs??? They came from Sam's Club many years ago....

This Victorian style basket was a flea market find.

I had a friend come to my one of my Open Houses last Christmas and she commented that I had a " 3-5 and 7-9" basket on the front porch.
I had no idea what she was talking about.
Apparently these standing baskets were used outside of Funeral Homes and the times for the "Wake" were usually 3-5 pm and 7-9 pm!!!


I just liked the basket and I had seen it on someone's blog ( sorry, I don't know which blog) , used in the bedroom!

This is the front porch looking toward the front door....

And this is the lighted wreath that is hanging on the wall of our house.....

Below the wreath is a sled that I have also decorated with for many years. It was made in Cub Scouts by my youngest son, Jim, who will be 28 years old in a few weeks.
Another one of my most treasured items.

I added the shatterproof balls also to all the wreaths on the windows!!

I love how the balls stand out!!

I bought these ornaments in Target last season for 75% off. They came in a tube with 3 different types of balls, stain finish, glossy finish and glittered, for 25 cents!!!

So I arranged the 3 different types in a cluster and added them to the wreaths.

My small flower bed under the Living Room window......

The chippy angel is also an after Christmas Target find.
The candle lights are from Big Lots. Again, purchased after Christmas for $5.00 for the set of 10.
The front flower bed looking up from our parking lot. There is 13 steps to walk up to the front side walk.
The lantern was bought at Big Lots. And more penguins bought at Target!

Here is what the front of our house looks like in the day time from our parking lot.

Those shatterproof balls really stand out on the wreaths, don't you think????

Now, here is the house at night....

The Front Door taken with a regular flash....

The front door taken using the "Candlelight" feature on my camera.

You can see that our home is connected to a house on each side and we are in a row of 10......

You can see I have lights in the shape of icicles on the garland too.

Looking toward the front door....

The front porch.....

You can see we are prepared for snow as we have our shovels ready on the front porch. We did have to use them in October after we had 9 inches of snow on Oct. 30!!

Looking at our home after walking up all those 13 steps!!

We have the weeping mortar on the front of our home so it is easy to hang things off of it!!

There is the wreath all lit up....

Taken with the Candlelight feature...

I also have a spotlight shining on the center of the house where the wreath is...

Candles in the windows....

Looking towards the flower bed...

I have two 3 foot artificial pre -lit trees stuck in my flower pots on the side of the flower bed. They were a flea market buy for $ 3.00!

Again, looking toward the front flower bed....

The flower bed under the Living Room window....

It will look much better with snow.....

A topiary tree.....

You can see the trees in the pots and the candle lights.....

Here is the house taken from the parking lot...

The penguins and lantern with a red bulb in it.....

From the side.....

And that concludes the first part of our Home Tour 2011.


To continue on to Part Two of our Home Tour 2011, please click HERE to see our KITCHEN!

I will say that I will equal last year with at least 14 trees and maybe......there might be more!!

It is a sickness, what can I say!!

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  1. Debbie, your home looks just beautiful!! I agree, the red balls on the wreaths do stand out and looks so pretty. You know I think my favorite look still is the candlelights in the window shining thru the lace. Your windows just say "Welcome to our Home." All your decorations are gorgeous and favorites are the lantern with the big red bow and the lamppost. You really do decorate so beautifully. I had been watching for your post and can't wait for the next one. Hope you are feeling well and have a wonderful day. Hugs!!

  2. Forgot to ask, do you have your childhood sled anchored or attached to anything to keep it from being taken? Jim has his sled also and when we would use it, he chained it to the deck post. One hates to have to do things like that but some people just can't understand that one does not take something that does not belong to him.

  3. Debbie, your house looks awesome! Every detail is si beautifully arranged with such great taste and one can almost believe is from a movie! You did a beautiful job Christmas lady, wow! Evrything is stunning! Thanks so much for sharing. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. FABBY

  4. Very pretty! It all looks beautiful and now you are all ready for Santa.(-:

  5. WOW! can't wait to see the rest

  6. Thanks for the reminder..need to get the skates up..lol. I love your sled...love everything. can't wait to see my favorite kitchen. Love ya

  7. Hi Debbie, Your home is simply stunning!!! I love all the details you address in your decorating. You can tell that you take time to make each item used in decorating your home to be as perfect as possible. I can't wait to see your kitchen decorated for Christmas. I think I have told you before but if not, I was so inspired by looking at last years Christmas Kitchen photos that it inspired me to take the everyday displays down and to decorate the spaces with Christmas goodies. I have started but I have a few more places to go.
    Also, I ran across some victorian themed Santa head ornaments from 2001 at Micheals, they still have the tags on them as well as a handmade and signed by the artist Santa head. I was wondering if you would be willing to trade some of your Christmas cones for them? If you are interested let me know and I will snap pictures of them and sent them to you. I thought of you when I saw them. Have a wonderful week.

  8. Stunning. I love everything, it looks so welcoming.

  9. Hi Debbie,
    What a fabulous display of decorations. I'm very impressed at how you keep track of the amount of money spent on many items and where you purchased them. Your my kind of girl! :)
    So many beautiful decorations, and I'm sure love was poured into arranging them just so. I adore all the wreaths you put on your windows, so pretty. Could you possibly tell me how you afixed them to your windows. Was there a fine wire, that I don't see, keeping them up? I would love to hang some from my windows this year, but not quite sure how to do it.
    Looking forward to your kitchen tour, as I'm sure I will be delighted!

  10. Wow so pretty! I love the traditional Christmas colors. Our home is red and gold every year. I cant wait to see your Christmas tree in the www.awhimsicalchristmas.com
    Christmas tree contest! :)

  11. All I can say is wow. How totally beautiful. Not sure what I could say is my favorite. I adore the sled and skates. One thing that I do outside our door also. And your wreaths just look so beautiful. And yes I agree how those red ornaments just pop.

    I am just so amazed how with working you find time to decorate like you do.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


  12. I wanted to answer Maureen's question here as to how I hang my wreaths. I use the large suction cups from the Dollar Tree!! I have used suction cups for years and the wreaths have never blown off. Since I am up fairly high on a hill, it is very windy. And the suction cups hold the wreaths just fine.
    I hope this helps...


  13. Oh my gosh--this is totally breathtaking! WOW!!! I have been ooo-ing and awww-ing and can't believe my eyes!

  14. Hi Debbie~ I love every single thing you have done to the out side of your home, simply beautiful my friend :)


  15. Oh, Debbie, you are off to a fantastic start with your tour of the exterior of your home all decorated for Christmas. Just stunning...especially at night that photo using your candlelight feature wow. I saw a small wooden reindeer with flowers in it in your photos..I have a similar one. I haven't started decorating yet. But we did draft up our annual Christmas letter for our Christmas cards. I hope to get the cards done over Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your lovely home all dolled up for Christmas.

  16. Love seeing all your outside pretties, Debbie! Very Festive!

  17. Oh ! how beautiful !!

    I love the tin pocket, the wooden reindeer, the modified wreaths... and the front door decoration at night with the fairy lights is just gorgeous... !!!

    Thanks for linking to the blog party (http://liventhingsup.blogspot.com/2011/10/itz-festival-time-2011.html) at Liven Things Up !!

  18. You take top prize over anyone else when it comes to decorating. Your home is unbelievable with the things you share.

  19. Oh Debbie, the outside of your home is absolutely stunning, and I want to come visit you! Your front door is such a warm welcome to anyone who drops in, and I'm just crazy about that sled. Can't wait 'til you open the front door and let us all come inside!
    Happy REDnesday and Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. Festive, festive reds! The sled is a marvelous treasure.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  21. Your house looks awesome! Happy Thanksgiving! I will enjoy seeing your tree's. Blessing Trish

  22. Everyting looks so nice! Did you use command strips at all for hanging things outside/? I'm trying to find out if I can use these outside when its very cold.


  23. Debbie, Your home is just beautiful. So warm and inviting -I love to see spotlights on home showcasing the beautiful decorations.

  24. I just loved it all. It is so inviting and leaves you with a warm feeling inside. Great job, and must have taken alot of work to make it this BEAUTIFUL..... Can't wait to see more.

  25. Jen,
    You asked about using command strips.
    I am lucky to have weeping mortar on the front of the house and that makes it easy to hang things off of.
    The wreaths are attached to the windows with large suction cups!

    I hope this helped. I never have used command strips...


  26. When I saw that "teasing" post last week, I knew this was coming! You, dear friend never miss a detail! Everything is totally delightful!

    Thanks you for sharing your decorating ideas at Potpourri Friday!

  27. Very pretty!!

    Barbie and Ken, please come and see. Have a great weekend.

  28. Your home is beautiful. Just makes you want to stop by and visit~

  29. Your home looks beautiful and festive. I love all of your family keepsakes, that makes your Christmas decorating even more special.

  30. Debbie:

    So much wonderful holiday festivity!

    - The Tablescaper

  31. Debbie, I'm loving all of it! And so getting in the Christmas Spirit after seeing yours and others lovely decorations. Thanks for sharing and I'm now following you. Hope you visit me soon.
    Merry Christmas, Helen

  32. Debbie,
    Your home looks lovely! It is full of Christmas Cheer! I love all of the red and the festive decorations you have put out! Very nice job! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  33. It's time for a Debbie Dabble Christmas!! The outside of your home is stunning! I love your decorated sled and all the wreaths on the windows.... the shatter proof balls are wonderful for outside decorating and they make your wreaths stand out so well. I love all the lights to, they make everything so festive... I'm going to visit your room posts one a day... so that I have something to look forward to every day until christmas! I love your background on your blog as well. Have a super day! Hugs Jennifer :o)

  34. Debbie, Your home is truly beautiful, particularly at night! Coming to A Debbie-Dabble Christmas has definitely put me in the spirit.
    Hugs, Beth

  35. The outside of your home looks just beautiful Debbie! Love that sled! You're so lucky to still have it. I wish that I still had mine...:( You did a great job of decorating!

  36. Hi lovely lady.
    Your home is truly beautiful for Christmas sweet lady!! I would love to come visit you Debbie,love your sled this is a Treasure to have!! I hope you have a Wonderful Christmas with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  37. Hi Debbie! You have been featured today at Potpourri Friday!!

  38. Oh Debbie, your house looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! You have many treasures and it is so nice that you keep them and use them! Now I am off to see your kitchen! Have a great weekend!!!! XO, Pinky PS, love that candlelight feature!!!!

  39. WOW! Everything is so pretty and festive!

  40. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Amazing front door wreath, I can't believe you made that! Wonderful how you added greenary to everything. The wreaths on the windows are So charles dickens and amazingly beautiful. I love love the Christmas village feel you give your home! I am so glad you have joined the party! I will be pinning and tweeting all of your lovely Christmas posts!

  41. Debbie, Your decorations are beautiful!! I love the sled and the way you have it decorated. Everything is so pretty. Thank you for joining the Open House Party last week.

  42. Hi Debbie! OH, your porch and front of your home are just beautiful! I'm sure you make your neighbors jealous with all of your pretty Christmasing going on!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  43. Hi, Debbie! I love that you have an entire blog dedicated to Christmas. Your house looks so festive!! :)

  44. WOW - your front door is seriously breathtaking! Beautiful job.

    Visiting from The Nester's tour - Merry Christmas!

  45. Wow! Wish I had your energy to decorate everything! That's quite impressive!

  46. Wow! You have a ton of energy to decorate all that! Amazing!

  47. Wow! Your decorations are beautiful! I am beginning to get jealous,;) but I'm glad that you do it so well and you go all out.

  48. What are you using to hang things on your wall? I have the weeping mortar as well and can't figure out how to get things hung up.


  49. Hi from 2020,
    You're very creative!
    How did you attach some of your decors like the garland on the brick wall? I don't want to drill holes and I read that the Command hooks (even the outdoor ones) don't stick to brick. TIA.

    1. The garland is simply wound around screws that my husband drilled into the brick...They stick out about a half an inch and I wind pieces of the garland around them to hang the garland....
      The rest of the things are simply hung with wire on the weeping mortar....It was popular i the late 70's and it was that the brick layers did not wipe the mortar off and just left it there...There are "lumps" of mortar that i hang the signs and other things off of....Thanks for stopping by!!


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