I Will Honour Christmas In My Heart

I will honour Christmas in my heart,
and try to keep it all the year.
I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future.
The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me.
I will not shut out the lessons that they teach!

~ Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol



Christmas is my favorite Holiday and my favorite time of year!

I go all out decorating our small townhouse for all Holidays but especially Christmas!

Every room in our home has a different Christmas Theme and Color Scheme!!

I prove that you do not have to live in a large home to have several Trees, over 20 in all shapes and sizes!!

The majority of my Christmas decorations are placed in the same spot every year and I know that this is not what most Decorator's care for but it is like seeing old friends again when I decorate each year for Christmas.......

I do try to add a few new things and change up things a bit but for the most part, these decorations are part of my Christmas traditions and I will not change them until I can no longer decorate like I do......

This blog is dedicated to All Things Christmas!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

The THRILL and PRIVLEGE of a life time!

I mentioned in my last post that I was invited by my friend, Lisa Lewis, Victoriana Lady, to help decorate the Stegmaier Mansion for Christmas along with other members of our Victorian Group.

I always dreamed of being one of the volunteer's that help to decorate the White House for Christmas but let me tell you, THIS WAS BETTER!!

The Stegmaier Mansion has been featured in 2 issues of Victorian Homes magazine this year.
It is currently undergoing construction for the addition of a front porch which will return it to it's original architecture when it was first built.

And what a magnificent porch it is......

That is owner , Joe Matteo, in the background!
Can you see the details on those grates!!

Yes, those are Lion's Heads. The Stegmaier's founded the Stegmaier Brewing Company and Lion's Head Beer was the most famous .
Lion's Brewery is still in operation here.

Look at those medalions.....

The porch will eventually be painted to match the rest of the mansion...

The inside of the porch... still what attention to detail!!

When I arrived, Joe Matteo had all the tubs of florals up from the basement and we started to decorate.
The mansion is very busy over the Holiday season , booked solid for many Christmas parties with the first one to be held on Wednesday, Dec. 1.
That is why Joe needed help...

Other years, Joe put up a huge floor to ceiling tree but with 40-60 people for a Christmas party, it took up too much space.

So this year, he is going with just this single tree.

It is a true Victorian tree which was originally just table top trees in Queen Victoria's age.
This is in the Ladies Parlor.

I tend to jump around with my pics and I wanted to post this before I have to go to work tonight so please bear with me....

This is in the Library...

Also in the Library...

Looking into the Gentlemen's Parlor....

From the foyer looking into the Gentleman's Parlor....

Can you tell that I thought this was so beautiful!!

Also in the Gentlemen's Parlor...

This is the window in one of the downstairs bathrooms....

The Dining Room....
Joe will decorate the Chandy later ...
I helped decorate this mantle!!

More of the Dining Room....

Look at this table!!
The nutcrackers are from the Dollar Store!!

I have this same ornament from Target!

We did three floors of this garland......
all the way to the top!!

In the Ladies Parlor...

Yep, here I am decorating in the Library!!

Did I tell you how much I love this scene!!

Here is Joe Matteo on a ladder with Lisa Lewis assisting and her sweetie, John, looking on!

Not high enough.... we decided to use some phone books...

Yep, much better!

This mantle in the Ladies Parlor...

Joe Matteo had some pink garland that he wasn't going to use so I asked him if I could add it to the mantle. When he said, "Deb, do what you want", my heart skipped a beat!!

Here it is with the pink garland added to the top and added to the white garland draping in front..

Amy, caught up in the decorating....

Again, did I tell you how much I love this???

Finishing the tree...

On top of the Baby Grand...

Another mantle in the Library....

Another bathroom downstairs....

In the Gentlemen's Parlor....

Looking into the Dining Room...

What a window!!

3 stories of garland....

The tree almost finished...

Santa on top....
with a Stegmaier product!

Well, I had the time of my life!! I just want to tell you that all of the greenery and florals used were bought at the Dollar Store, Michael's and A.C.Moore's!!
I think the place looks like a Million Bucks!!!

What do you think????

Joe Matteo was very grateful for the help and will be having a party over New Year's weekend and we are all invited!!
Can't wait!!

It was a thrill and a PRIVLEGE to take part in helping get the Mansion ready for Christmas!!

To see more about the Stegmaier Mansion and read the 2 issues of Victorian Homes in which it was featured, please click HERE

For more photos of the decorating of the mansion, please click HERE
to visit the Mansion Facebook page!

For me, it was a dream come true.......

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  1. Debbie, what fun and awesome memories you will have. I will be visiting a Victorian Mansion here in Maine in December. Each year the mansion has a different theme for decorating. This year it is The 12 Days of Christmas". I can"t wait and will be sure to blog about it. Debbie (Maine)

  2. Debbie, the mansion decor is stunning! Anyone could see how much you enjoyed your day of decorating. I think they were blessed to have your talented touch in their decor. The mansion is truly lovely.

  3. So beautiful and grand. Our local garden club decorated not a mansion but a country home that a Doctor owned in the 1800. Because we were the garden club we had to use real plant materials. We were given a budget of about 50.00 per room so there was a lot of tramping through the woods looking for white pine etc. It really was fun but burn out happened about around 8 years. We also had to make crafts for the little store at the end of the tour. Glad you enjoyed it

  4. Debbie,
    I am so glad you got to be part of decorating such a beautiful home! Your photo's are breath taking. I need to go back and look at each one again! I love the wallpaper in the diningroom! So many inspiring ideas :)

  5. Dear Debbie ~ I've gone back through your pictures over and over and over again because this place is just sooooo beautiful! You guys all pulled together and did a GORGEOUS job!

  6. Wow Miss D! What a labor of love. I sure did enjoy looking at all the gorgeous pictures. Beautiful!

    Thank you for visiting me today. It's always a JOY to read your loving comments.

    Blessings and Love~


  7. Oh. My. GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I keep coming back to look and look and look! It is absolutely stunning!

    I think I enjoy the joy in your "voice" every bit as much as the gorgeous photos!




  9. Debbie,
    The whole mansion is fantastic, and I can tell you are in your element. You are the Christmas Queen!

  10. Love it, thanks for starting my day off right. I LOVE historical homes and furniture and decor as much as you do. Come back and add your link to the post! Christmas love!!

  11. Wow, I can only imagine how thrilled you must have been to decorate that mansion! And you and the rest of the crew did a fantastic job. It must have been exhausting but very rewarding work. It sounds like lots of people will be enjoying it all this Christmas season!
    Happy REDnesday!

  12. Such a wonderful post! Thank you so much for taking us along and sharing your experience with us! Everything is so very lovely and interesting. What memories you will have to look back on.

    Happy Rednesday,

  13. This was such fun! I found myself holding my breath I was just in awe!
    That dinning room was too wonderful...
    You are pretty darn talented woman!
    Thanks so much for linking up to All Things Merry & Brite, I love your website!

  14. Thank you-thank you-thank you-my absolute FAVORITE thing to do is to visit historical homes-and I seldom get to do it-especially at the holidays. With 3 dogs and 3 cats -we don't get but a couple hours from home-doesn't leave much in the historical department. Your pictures were wonderful-felt almost like I was there-and I especially like the bathroom pic(I saved that one-since we hope to redo our bathroom next year-I'll keep my fingers crossed!-and put in a pull chain toilet-thanks again!

  15. How fun, Debbie! You did a wonderful job! Such a lovely mansion!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  16. What a stunning mansion with so many elements to work with, and your holiday decor for it is perfect! I am becoming your follower and hope you will stop by, but be warned that my decor may look drab compared to the mansions!

  17. Soooo pretty.. I want to wander through every room and go ah...
    I know you so enjoyed this.


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