I Will Honour Christmas In My Heart

I will honour Christmas in my heart,
and try to keep it all the year.
I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future.
The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me.
I will not shut out the lessons that they teach!

~ Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Happy Christmas in July!!

Many retail stores, both online and brick and mortar stores, are celebrating Christmas in July with special sales!

This idea has led me to create a separate Christmas blog so I WELCOME you to my new Christmas blog, A DEBBIE-DABBLE CHRISTMAS!!

Last Christmas season ( 2009 ), I had 12 Christmas trees in my home! Yep, you read that correctly - 12 Christmas trees!

If you missed my Pink Saturday Post on my other blog Debbie-Dabble, showing my Dining Room and Craft Room trees, please click HERE

This is my Dining Room

My Craft Room Tree

So that was 2 trees, now I would like to show you the other 10!

Please come in...........

Number 3- My Living Room Tree

The theme for this tree is red and gold and Victorian style ornaments.

Along with the white lights, I have added candle lights to this tree

And red velvet bows

This is my Christmas Village that is underneath this tree

I have collected pieces since 1981

Number 4 My Powder Room Tree

I decorate my Powder Room with Snow Buddies and the color theme of white, silver and blue!

Unfortunately , there is no receptacle available to plug in lights so this tree is just decorated with Snow Buddies.

Number 5 is my Kitchen Tree. The Kitchen is decorated with Gingerbread men and Candy Canes.

This is a 3 foot tree that I have placed in my milk can!!

There are peppermint candy ornaments on this tree

Number 6 is one of my Den Trees

The theme for my Den is a Dicken's style with Carolers and a vintage look with a burgundy, blue and ivory color scheme

I have my Thomas Kinkaide Ornaments on this tree with Thomas Kinkaide house below

The tea cup ornament is a Thomas Kinkaide

Number 7 is a wire tree that is on top of my China Hutch in my Den.
I have ornaments that depict Vintage Children and carolers

Number 8 is the tree I made for my Victorian Doll House.
Yes, I even decorate Nelson Crest (my doll house) for Christmas!

Number 9 is the tree of my childhood and it is in my Bedroom.

This tree is decorated with vintage glass ornaments that were from the 50's and early 60's when I was a child

I bought these at yard sales and flea markets

Below is a Plasticville Village
Some of these were my parent's and were under my childhood tree.
There are also vintage Putz houses and bottle brush trees that were my parent's.

Number 10 is the tree that is in my Hubby's Corner in our Bedroom. He is an avid Pittsburgh fan and we have season tickets to the AHL Wilkes Barre Scranton Penguins Hockey Team which is the farm team of the Pittsburgh Penguins.
So he has a Penguins and Steeler's tree!!

I guess you can tell that he was thrilled when I painted our bedroom gold! LOL!!

Next is tree Number 11. This tree is in my Guest Room.

This is decorated with novelty ornaments from my two son's childhood and icicle ornaments.

And finally, tree Number 12 is a small tree , also in the guest room, that I decorated with mini pink Victorian ornaments.

So those were what my 12 trees looked like last Holiday Season. I do change them up every few years. When do I start to decorate you ask? Since I work full time, I start on November 1 after I take down and put away my Autumn and Halloween decorations.

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Elegant Creations by Debbie

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  1. OMG Debbie...you do not dabble! I'm pooped just lookin at all the beautiful Christmas. When do you start puttin up and when does it come down?!!? I'm a florist so I know a job when seen.
    You have a great Rednesday!

  2. Oh my, these are GORGEOUS. Can't wait for December. Okay, my top two are number 5 with the gingerbread and candy canes and definitely number 9 tree of your childhood with the glass ornaments. Absolutely beautiful. Sigh...

    Thanks for sharing on Rednesday. Have a lovely day.

  3. Debbie, your trees are all so pretty! Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. Girl, I don't know how you do it, working full time. Your home is beautiful and I love looking at your pictures! Hope your day is wonderful! Mary

  4. Mele Kalikimaka, Debbie!

  5. Oh! That was so much so fun. Thank you so much for showing us your 12 trees. Wow!

    Happy Rednesday,

  6. Oh my, you are inspiring me already. I can't believe all your pretty decorations. I love that you decorate you doll house. Also love the Christmas village. The trees are amazing!

  7. WOWEE!!! Amazing trees! A lot of work but it's obvious it's a labor of love. I know I wouldn't have the room to store all your treasures and my house. You must have a large home or a storage unit!!!

  8. I loved the pastel pinks and blues. Those remind me the most of my grandmother. My mom would show me photos of the trees she'd decorate for Christmas...very vintage and Victorian...just like your beautiful trees!!! I loved all of them. The pastels were my favorite ;) :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :) :) :)

  9. Debbie, I love all of the trees, but I want to hang out in the powder room, that was my favorite.....So, how long does this take you???


  10. My favorite is #9. I have a tree that I put in my dining room that has the 40's, 50's and 60's ornaments along with those same houses - I think they are called Putz houses (cardboard with mica snow). I only do three trees, so you have me beat.

  11. Great Christmas blog, Debbie. We all need a little bit of Christmas yearround.
    For the holidays, I have at least one tree in every room, ornaments displayed on peg shelves all around the family room, a ceramic gingerbread house and people in the kitchen, and all sorts of decorations every where. :-)
    I really like your flatware with the red handles. Not only do they look good, but you are right, they are so festive for 4th of July, St. Valentine's Day, and even all year long. Red is such a happy color.

  12. Debbie thanks for coming by my blog. Love your trees. So pretty. Number 9 is my favorite! :)

  13. What an amazing post....my mom would fit right in with you, but I can not get her to have any interest in a blog....what a lot of work this must be! Have a great VTT!

  14. OMG! This was a wonderful post! I love your childhood tree because it's my childhood tree too!

    Now where do you put all those treasures? You must have a HUGE house!

  15. Fabulous..very pretty. I am having a CSN Giveway on my blog My Dream Canvas and would love fo you to drop by.

  16. Debbie, that has GOT to be one of the most amazing posts I've ever seen. What incredible trees! You must work for months before the holidays. OMG. Peacock feathers and all! So enchanting. I adored the dollhouse. Ohhhhh, I'd LOVE to see that in its entirety. Awesome job! Susan

  17. I just love each and every tree. My goal is like you, to have a tree in each room of my house. I love the peppermint candy tree my favorite!

  18. Just one word!! WOWZERS!!

    For your convenience, Here Is My Show and Tell Bargain Link. Hope to see you visit with me.

  19. My first question was when do you start???? But you answered that one!! I love all the different trees! Beautiful! My favorite was the powder room tree. Strange I know, but the Christmas spirit hits me in July....maybe because I could enjoy decorating and not worry about gifts...lol!

  20. Debbie all your trees are really pretty! My favorite is your powder room tree!!

  21. Debbie, What a beautiful blog. We all need Christmas in July. The temp here in Alabama today was 100. Looking at your trees put a little cool in the air. I found your blog on My Romantic Home and I'm glad I did. Will visit back here again and will also become a follower. I've only been blogging about 9 months now. Hope you have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend.

  22. love it! Girl, you are more Christmas crazy than I am. lol I probably have enough ornaments to decorate 12 trees. I would love for each boy to have a lil one in their rooms.

  23. wow amazing! I've never seen someone with that many christmas trees! All are lovely! I'm curious how you find room to store it all?! I put up one tree and it is almost too much for me, ha! Suzie

  24. Wow, you are a girl right after my own Christmas heart! Amazing and I had 11 trees up last year, usually do a village too and so on, you know at least one tree per room. Loved seeing yours, so pretty!

  25. Ok, Debbie...next Summer I expect to see a great button for a Christmas in July party here.

    You inspired this post:http://denisemarie-bloomin.blogspot.com/2010/07/christmas-in-july.html

    Christmas in July Love!!

  26. Your blue, white, and silver tree is my favorite, Debbie.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  27. Wow - I am in awe.

    I have a wonderful Christmas village and never seem to get it all together in time.

  28. Hello Debbie, We just arrived home from vacation and I have just begun to catch up with my many blogging friends.

    I adore your Christmas in July. Your home is lovely and your trees are too. I can tell you LOVE decorating these fabulous Christmas trees and sharing them with us. I am so glad you did.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  29. Wow that is a lot of work! I love the blue, white and silver tree also. Happy Blue Monday.

  30. Looking at your Christmas tree I get excited!! Thanks for sharing!

    Barnyard Express

  31. Hi Debbie - I love your trees and I LOVE Christmas too - in fact all the holiday season from September to December! It's such a sweet time full of joy-filled family memories for my kids, grand children and myself.

    What a lovely Thomas Kinkade tea cup - is it part of a full set?

    I'm definitely signing up for your emails and looking forward to them. Happy Blue Monday. :)

  32. Hi Debbie, you got me so inspired I have another post about Santa and Christmas. lol
    I was able to find my mom's pattern and get some personal, fun gifts of her dish set that will thrill her and was 50% off.

  33. Hi Debbie

    I am your newest follower :) I love your blog and your photos. I am very sorry for your recent loss.
    If you had time please feel free to check out my blog. http://christmas-believe.blogspot.com/ Your blog is in my blog list that I follow, hope that's ok? Looking forward to reading more here.


  34. Oh my goodness your trees are beautiful! I am not quite at 12 trees but getting close...Your bedroom tree is probably my favorite and the village underneath is so CUTE! Thanks for linking up to my party last week. Hope you stop by again!

    Best wishes,

  35. Oh, Debbie, how very, very beautiful! You are truly an artist. Did you miss your calling as an interior designer? Your home is beautifully decorated, Debbie. I love this post. Thanks for letting me know about it.
    God bless, Beth


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