I Will Honour Christmas In My Heart

I will honour Christmas in my heart,
and try to keep it all the year.
I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future.
The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me.
I will not shut out the lessons that they teach!

~ Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol



Christmas is my favorite Holiday and my favorite time of year!

I go all out decorating our small townhouse for all Holidays but especially Christmas!

Every room in our home has a different Christmas Theme and Color Scheme!!

I prove that you do not have to live in a large home to have several Trees, over 20 in all shapes and sizes!!

The majority of my Christmas decorations are placed in the same spot every year and I know that this is not what most Decorator's care for but it is like seeing old friends again when I decorate each year for Christmas.......

I do try to add a few new things and change up things a bit but for the most part, these decorations are part of my Christmas traditions and I will not change them until I can no longer decorate like I do......

This blog is dedicated to All Things Christmas!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

HELP!!! Major Problem with my Debbie-Dabble Blog


I am posting  here on my Christmas Blog because I am having MAJOR problems with my main Blog, Debbie-Dabble.

It started a few days ago when I noticed that several new gadgets under the HTML/Java Script Gadget were added to my blog and I did not add them.

They all had the same code and Face Book was mentioned in it. Then the amount of that same gadget seemed to multiply. They were all in the Cross Column 2 section.

I tried to delete them, move them and erase the code but nothing happened.....

Then my customized template disappeared on the blog and now I can not do anything that has to do with changing things on my blog.

When I try logging into the Template Designer, it freezes.

I can not add, delete or alter gadgets, increase the font, move gadgets around or even delete any of my gadgets.

I can post to the blog but that is it.

I have changed my password several times thinking someone else hacked into the blog but that did not work.

I posted on Blogger Forum.

As a paying customer ( yes, I pay $1.99 a month for my Google account), I think there should be some where that I could get in direct contact with a tech support person for Blogger that could help me through this.

UPDATE: I was contacted by a Support Tech from Google who is looking into the problem......

If there is a section somewhere to get in direct contact with tech support, I have not found it!!

If anyone can help me, I would GREATLY appreciate it!!

As for now, I will post on this blog and I am even considering starting a new blog to replace my main one, Debbie-Dabble, if I can not find or get any help with this issue.



  1. Debbie, it sounds like some add-on was actually a Trojan horse of some sort. I don't know how to resolve your issue, but this post might help. This blog talks about related issues.


  2. I hope the above link helps you, Debbie, I've never heard of a Trojan Horse attached toa gadget, but why not? Have you tried switching browsers? Safari almost always stops working after a bit across devices, which is why I mostly use Chrome.
    If you know the browser isn't the issue, can you switch devices? I've had no luck with apps or anything but a desktop or laptop.
    Now I use an older Macbook with an updated OS and Chrome, it works pretty well.
    My only issue is Blogger based when I try to move photos around a post too much.
    If you copy and paste a few critical lines in a search for viruses, you may find some answers.
    Make sure you go step by step and write down what you've down in the order you've done it.
    What antivirus program are you using?

  3. Quick note, I see there is an anti-malware program for WordPress so I guess the code in your gadget could infect your blog. I can't find anything for Blogger, maybe it's worth exploring.


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